Sales Funnel Consulting

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Every successful business needs to have a strategy and a roadmap, especially when it comes
to their sales funnel, however most businesses and entrepreneurs want to build those
components as they go, rather than in advance.

Confusion, overwhelm, wasted time, wasted dollars and wasted resources often accompany this approach.
At Xtreme Funnels we believe that entrepreneurs and the companies they build, that have and implement a fully-considered online strategy and business roadmap, are faster to market, more profitable, and ultimately scale faster.

This is the opportunity for you as it relates to your company.

Xtreme Funnels proposes a strategy and roadmap that will include the following:
● Discuss Branding and Mission Statement
● Defining Target Audience and Ideal Client
● Determine your Value Ladder of products and services, including pricing
● Develop Lead Magnet(s) (Irresistible money magnet)
● Investigate Advertising Strategies
● Perform Funnel Mapping Exercise: evaluate goodwill campaigns; webinar funnels and
additional funnels to capture leads, convert sales and create raving fans for your brand.
● Develop a Product Development Strategy (if needed)
● Map Responsibilities/ Contacts
● Create a base project plan for all activities, the key component of executing the strategy.
● Determine the technical systems required to implement your solution.
● Create Roadmap (Action Plan) for 3 months, 6 months, and 1-year marketing,
advertising, and work efforts.

The value of having Clarity, Focus, Energy and Productivity in your business means simply
tens of thousands of dollars to your business faster, unless of course you only want a small
business. You have a strong niche, great content, and a compelling story – success is a matter
of the plan you execute to get you there.

The end result: You will have a business that has an executable plan, not confusion and hope.
Obviously any plan will require adjustmentsa you will have a well-considered, well
developed plan based on our years of experience, the success of our clients, and all the
information you will make available to us.

Get in touch and see what our Sales Funnel Strategies and Implementation can do for you and your business.